I am Mary

I am Mary


I abandoned childish things

And took up a life of

Motherhood, misery and mercy

He calls me Mother

I am Mary of Nazareth



I pushed aside the ought-tos

Taking my place at his feet

Bending, blessing and becoming.

He calls me Little One

I am Mary of Bethany



I surrendered to his love,

Letting him take away the stranglehold

Of pain, poison, and prison bars.

He calls me Delivered

I am Mary of Magdala



We followed him

As we’d always done, always would,

From golgotha, to grave, to garden.

He calls us His own

We are Mary

Renae Meredith

Waiting Room

Dedicated to the memory of my friend who recently lost his battle with brain cancer. 

Gathered in the waiting room

We watch as you approach the threshold 

The door stands wide open

The Mercy Seat beckons

Your face basks in the glory of 

Expectant, wild hope 

One foot in the open doorway

One foot firmly grounded in earth

n the verge of stepping into the Hall of the King

The ache to go battling the longing to stay


Your entrance to eternity

Looks like an exit from this side

From here to there only a step for you

A chasm we can’t traverse, for now

anting to leave nothing unsaid

Words of love mingle with goodbyes

Farewells overshadowed by wistful 

Glances to the open door

The impulse to hold you back

Struggles with the desire to set you free


ou stepped through the curtain

Into His receiving arms, 

Leaving our waiting room dimmer

Warmth and light departing with you

ternity was tangible and our wait seemed shorter

With you on this side, waiting to go

But the still and always open door beckons us

Knowing you, with Him, await us on the other side

e remain for now in the waiting room

Our mandate to stay fighting our yearning to follow


Once… (a Holy Saturday meditation)

Once, I walked on water.



Once, I looked into his laughing eyes while I put one naked foot after the other on the shifting surface of a stormy sea. But yesterday…

…his eyes were filled with pain. The pain of disappointment, “Why couldn’t you stay awake with me, especially tonight, Simon?” The pain of a thousand crushing voices screaming, “Crucify him!” The pain of betrayal, “I don’t know him. Never saw him before. You lie! I’m not with him.” The pain of separation, “Take care of her, John.”


Once, I felt his hands (made strong with helping his dad build and repair tables for all those years) pluck me from raging waters that grabbed at me, threatening to overwhelm. Hands whose only violent act had been to rebuke blasphemous dogs who took advantage of the faithful poor. Hands that healed and blessed and fed. Hands that reached out to restore what my one poorly aimed blow so foolishly cut away. Once I watched his hands break the unleavened bread, offer the cup to Judas. But yesterday…
…those hands were pierced and bleeding, convulsed in agony. I watched hands I love strain in anguish against iron spikes, despite mangled muscle and torn tendon.


Once, I heard his voice, calling to me over the wind and the waves, laughing as he shouted the name he’d given me. “Rock!” And then chiding me, like I was a little boy, for being afraid when he was right there with me the whole time. The voice that stopped the wind and the waves and soothed the crying babes placed in his always open arms. But yesterday…
…his voice cried out in misery as nails were driven through his wrists, and then that voice spoke words of forgiveness to his enemies, to those who betrayed him, and to those of us who said we loved him and would never leave him, but were too afraid to stand with him. And I heard his voice cry out to his Father. Our Father. “Abba, Abba…”


Once, I couldn’t wait to get out of the boat. Nothing could have stopped me from stepping from the deck to the water. But yesterday…
…I couldn’t wait to get away from the scene of my shame. My bones turned to water at the words of a serving girl. The stones of the courtyard might as well have been waves as the eyes that witnessed my shame rolled over me like a flood.
…Friday, no matter where I ran, or from whom I turned, my flight put me on the hill overlooking the place of execution. I saw it all. I heard it all. The darkness and the weeping. The jeers and the awe.


Yesterday, when I heard that cock crow, I knew nothing would ever be right again.


But once…


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